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Dolphin Therapy

Donation Application for Daniel Reiswich (born Nov. 24th 2011)

Dolphin aid e.V. is one of the very few registered associatons/relief organisations in Germany that provide help for individuals and the only one that does this on a large scale. That is why we would like to introduce ourselves to you. Our son Daniel was born on Nov. 24th 2011 in the 39th week of pregnancy by emergency C-section. He weighed 3250 grams, was 50 cm long and his head circumference was 33 cm. He was diagnosed with a genetic defect. The mutation on the SLC9A6-gen hasn't been characterised as yet but it is likely to have caused Daniel's phenotype. Unfortunately the emergency C-section has left its' marks. Since he was 13 months old Daniel suffers from distinct microcephaly, epileptic (often myoclonic) seisures, dystrophy, hypotonia and strabismus. He was also diagnosed with an overall developmental delay. Daniel also has perceptual disorder and cannot actively talk. He has a distict comprehension of words though and can point at the item you asked for.


When he was 3 years old, Daniel entered kindergarten in Speyer where he gets 1 on 1 care. He has lots of fun and he even gets his therapies there so his afternoons are free.

At 7 years of age, Daniel can sit upright by himself, but not stand up or walk. Every 4-5 weeks we take Daniel to a registered German naturopath and osteopathy which we pay for ourselves because the health insurance doesn't cover this therapy. Every wednesday, Daniel goes swimming at the local hospital's pool. We pay for this ourselves too. Daniel has a wheelchair, a pram for special needs kids and a special walking aid so he can explore the world around him not only from his blanket.


Daniel can communicate through gestures and with his Rehatalkpad (a tablet with a communication software).

Daniel has a big dream - dolphin therapy

Dolphin therapy is a special animal-aided method of treatment that is supposed to help physically and mentally disabled people. They can watch the dophin from the side of the swimming pool or swim together with them. Scientists view on this therapy is controversial.

What is the aim? Dolphin therapy is an alternative method of treatment that is being offered as a support for the conservative therapies. The animal-aided therapy can enhance the effects of conventional methods of treatment by reducing fears in mentally and physically disabled children and motivating them to participate in further therapies.


The dolphins that take part in the alternative treatment are said to have great therapeutical abilities in relation to the children. They have a reputation of tuning in to the needs of disabled children. The dolphin therapy makes the dolphins a part of a regular therapy such as physiotherapy.

- The encounter with the dolphins is a special motivation for the child. In most cases the disabled children react positively to the dolphins and form a bond with them.

- The children also profit from the mild climate and being in the water. The child's attention improves and there can be better learning results.

Gradual approach

Depending on the individual skills and treatment success the child will get together more and more with the dolphin. The joy of seeing the dolphin again is already a big motivation to start the therapeutic exercises. At first, the child may touch and stroke the dolphin, later it may also swim with it. These rewards animate the child to look forward to successes in therapy because this way it will get closer to the dolphin.



After the actual dolphin therapy the child will continue with a number of exercises at home with the parents to consolidate the success of the treatment. Even the parents benefit from the results of the treatment as they get new possibilities to communicate and interact with their child.

The dolphin therapy can be repeated later.


We have opened a donations account for Daniel

recipient: dolphin aid e.V.

Bank: Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf

IBAN: DE 52 3005 0110 0020 0024 24


designated use: Daniel Reiswich


Daniel has a massive mental and physical developmental delay through his epilepsy.

We are convinced that Daniel would benefit greatly from the dolphin therapy. This is why we solicit donations for this course.

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